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Digitally recontextualised literary texts December 29, 2013

Filed under: ETL402 Literature in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 11:38 am

Wow! I’ve taken a quick look at these before but didn’t realise the wealth of what I was seeing. I can see so much potential in use of The Rosetta Project collection in looking at units that  include an historical/cultural  perspective. Looking at Transdisciplinary Themes, much potential for both Who We Are and Where We Are in Place and Time.  Hmmm How We Express Ourselves also.

I feel somewhat remiss in my duties as TL in an international school not having already promoted the International Children”s Digital Library. A wonderfully easy to use site that gives quick access (as does The Rosetta Project) to a multitude of titles in lots of different languages. I’ve shared with our EAL co-ordinator so I must follow through and see how useful her team and students have found the site. Lots of ways to search and information provided. Its just digitalised copies of texts so not offering anything “fresh” in presentation however, but offering breadth to coverage of cultures minimally represented in the print collection.

Project Gutenburg is rich and overwhelming. Took a while to navigate…Fabulous primary source materials…

Turning the Pages from the British library was just a wonder to explore! So easy to navigate with an interactive “feeling” of turning the pages. The original Alice just magical to view and it was with awe (and a bit of fun!) I found myself unscrolling the oldest printed book. Da Vinci’s notebook too a delight…Audio and text too…


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