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The digital environment December 27, 2013

Filed under: ETL402 Literature in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 10:09 am

Technology provides some absolutely mind-blowing possibilities for learning when you consider it’s capabilities and the the way these capabilities just keep on expanding. You imagine and then very soon it’s possible. I do still however, have reservations about technology over-use with the very youngest – so much is learned through applying the senses our natural body already provides and through the nuances of interactions with our fellow human beings. Our responsibilities as parents and educators clearly lie in monitoring use of of technology by children. We still want to produce balanced little human beings.

In responding to the article by Friedlander (2013), I find the trend of curation in the App Store being significant to sales quite alarming. The tricks for achieving ranking too are worrisome but as a TL, I wouldn’t purchase any resource without close evaluation…

Interesting too the point made about the limitations of traditional linear storytelling. Even in reading literature where the story may seem disjointed, don’t we as human beings weave in our own narrative elements in making meaning?  How do we escape linear when it is the nature of our lives? We contextualize to our own story. I get what Friedlander is getting at though in terms of the potential for interaction and exploration. Technology is to give a different freshness to “story”.


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