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Online resources December 23, 2013

Filed under: ETL402 Literature in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 10:04 am

Never heard of book raps before…fabulously collaborative…

Remember too Wikispaces as a resource…authors who Skype, tweet, fansites, etc

Cool tools

Any type of program that mentions “phonics” as a stand-alone skills scares me. “Whole language” as an approach still works for me and always meant just exactly what it says. Learning to read starts with meaning making. Just a couple though…off the soapbox.

Cost could be factor if wanting to use some of these…Free ones include high quality resources like ReadwriteThink, but also some that are a mixed bag needing sorting and delving and with questionable pedagogy…Seems quite a strength in audio recordings which I will investigate further…I wouldn’t see the vocab based stuff as part of the library collection but the book based sites I would definitely consider incorporating into the catalogue and “collection” if evaluated as of quality and value. I think some sites are intended as supportive of the learning of explicit mechanical reading skills rather than being resources encouraging rich response. Valuable in the classroom in tailoring to assessed learning needs but not the domain of the library??? Hmm but teachers are patrons too…going in a staff diigo strategy direction…more to think deeply about here…


I think Unsworth’s (2012, p. 12) categories work well in the library context in demonstrating the diverse nature of different forms/perspectives of online resources surrounding “literature” as opposed to a broader  conceptualisation of reading. There is unquestionably overlap but I think the library focus deals primarily with literature over any mechanical skills acquisition. Tweeked categories include the literature (stories) themselves (eBooks, audio).

Sharing stories
Composition /story genesis
Invitation/ enticement to read
Appreciation /Celebration sites
Interpretation /response
Adjunct composition/ creation 

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