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Reflective? Not! November 20, 2013

Filed under: ETL402 Literature in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 10:03 am

Oh when on when did my posts turn into reading summaries? Effort this subject to get back to my initial intention to reflect through writing…

Things I want to keep in mind as I read, read, read:

  • Theories of childhood reflect the dominant state of human thinking expressed through the parenting culture of the historical period – the adults view of childhood
  • Media and leisure industries of huge significance in culturing defining childhood in current times – less separation from the adult world through use of technology

I believe those stories that endure both entertain on some level and provide connection and meaning for the reader. There feels to me a real sincerity by the author of such works to share something of themselves…some deeper human truth…something of value to our own life stories…

Fabulous resource World of the Child – fascinating…

I’ve never really struggled with the idea of technology as a carrier for “story”,  although admit an aesthetic appreciation of the book as a sensual artifact. Nevertheless  a story is a story…

I enjoyed the imagery of Madej’s (2003)  description of each medium of expression of story as a sound in an orchestra – the end result can be enriching.

The prevelance of technology in the lives of children in inarguable. Technologies establish their own versions of “narrative” that may be limited because of the market-driven need to educate or provide action. thus miss out on meaning.

Quite liking the definition of “literature of children” in placing children as the holders (Winch, 2006). I like too the multi-participants (author, illustrator, child, parent, critics, teachers…) implied by use of the word “conversation” Children’s literature is an artistically mediated form of communication – a conversation – that a society has with its young (p. 398). Societal aspect of significance – facet of “‘No text is innocent”‘ (Barthe quoted by Winch).

More focussed thinking for me reading Winch too about whether technology represents something new or is a simple repackaging


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