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Professional description October 18, 2013

Filed under: ETL505 Bibliographic Standards in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 1:17 am
  • There has always been concern by info professionals as change inevitably occurs
  • Metadata (RDA) and vocabularies (LCSH) provide structures supportive of navigation of collections not possible through content-based retrieval or folkonomies
  • Library catalogues create maps of connected knowledge
  • Info prof need to integrate collections into the online world – interoperability and linking metadata
  • Same job organizing info but new scope
  • Library catalogues increasingly metadata librarians
  • 4 defining roles: collaboration, research, education, development
  • New skills eg. Programming, project management and training
  • Metadata specialists challenged by changing nature of resources and new types
  • FRBR concept of ‘work’ difficult to apply but so relevant

Controlled vocabularies

  • Strength is their support for navigation of resource collections
  • Scaffold and help drill down
  • Provide context
  • Provide exposure to other related resources/perspectives
  • Subject thesauri too provide search terms possibly not considered
  • Minus could be lack of shared ontology causing disconnect between system and user
  • Could be viewed as ‘modernist’ (tagging ‘post-modernist’) trying to describe with objectivity and to fit a predetermined structure
  • Not used to impose but to build consistency and to guide
  • To minimize disconnect updating is needed constantly with reference to user and literary warrant
  • Complements tagging – ‘they who have the most tools wins’

Semantic Web technologies

  • Standardisation of metadata critical too for computers
  • Vision of the semantic web is for computers both to process and make sense of data
  • Still an unrealised vision transforming the web for a resource collection organised by humans to a collection of data that can be processed by computer (ie. a database)
  • Challenges of inferential tractability, logical consistency, need for constant updating and political will (humans have tpo create and maintain the structures). Plus expense!

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