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Classification as a location device September 16, 2013

Filed under: ETL505 Bibliographic Standards in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 12:35 pm
  • For locating purposes of specific works and to group like together
  • Purpose of collection affecting method of classification
  • Predominantly grouped by subjects
  • Different types of arrangement are frequently used in conjunction with subject; fiction – author; genre; series; format
  • Other classifications: by language; format; rarity; sensitive/offensive material; special subject collections; special collections (eg. material requested to be kept together)
  • Libraries concerned with providing information hence subject arrangement helps
  • If based on already known items title and author would make sense

Is Classification Helpful?

  • In classifying thoroughly using dewey some items are grouped together but others moved apart
  • If searching for something else, resources could be scattered everywhere over the shelves!
  • Hence the catalogue is of importance in considering limits of the shelf arrangement

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