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Social tagging and folksonomies September 4, 2013

Filed under: ETL505 Bibliographic Standards in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 11:54 am
  •  When indexing many times by multiple people  – social tagging
  • Instead of a resource being indexed once, by a single information professional, it is indexed many times, by a multitude of people. This is known as social tagging
  • Results referred to as a folksonomy — as opposed to a controlled taxonomy
  • Reflect the vocabulary of seachers better than a given controlled vocabulary and may cover more terms
  • Issues of uncontrolled vocabulary, possible poor coverage of some resources
  • Tagging community may differ from the searching community
  • Can increase recall but hamper precision
  • Folksonomy provides meaning – metadata
  • A tag is a label to associate meaning to web content
  • Scalable quality of tags significant

End users…

  • The contribution of Web 2.0 – reviewing, rating, tagging
  • Like the point of “anarchic” rather than “democratic” when it comes to tagging…no one votes but does not frequency indicate something?
  • Marginalia in the modern world through annotating and indexing e-book pages collaboratively
  • Folksonomies – indexing vocabularies generated by end-users

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