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Search engines July 25, 2013

Filed under: ETL505 Bibliographic Standards in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 2:05 am
  • Lack of vocabulary control
  • Rely on resource content rather than metadata

Hider notes

  • Perhaps best for fact-finding rather than comprehensive investigation or research with a vague focus
  • Remember too these are commercial!

Yes, yes, yes…must remember this when assisting my children with research and directing them towards search engines…directories/databases more suited for these purposes. Get around to exploring the Yahoo! directory…

I’m getting the idea about the importance of metadata and organisation of the library collection – yes our children do prefer search engines but I can see why when the organisation of our information is scattered all over the place…

Image searching

The notion of searching by image is certainly appealing to the children but just what a picture represents is always a point of contention and variance…still…appealing for little guys…can’t use copyrighted images either (live wonderful ones found on Trove)…hmmmmm…..Google image searching not very successful….

Music searching

Love the idea of Pandora as creating a music station for me and I’ll use it for that purpose but could I get it actually play my song? No! Everything but!

Sign in and got there fairly easily with Spotify – yeah! seems the radio station wasn’t available…could get the words and could buy it but gave up trying to actually find it and play it…waaaaaaaa


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