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Digital libraries July 25, 2013

Filed under: ETL505 Bibliographic Standards in Education — Jennifer Baccon @ 1:45 am
  • Wider use in reference to a variety of virtual information centres
  • Resources not solely the property of the institution or even stored there
  • Blurring of boundaries between libraries, archives and museums thus application of the term “digital library” in referring to these in their online forms
  • California Digital Library representative model of future library/archival services
  • CDL organised under Collect-Publish-Preserve-Access
  • Scootle is an Australian eg. – digital library for schools (database, collection, website, information agency alternate labels) that requires registration
  • Terminology a bit fluid in the online environment
  • Scootle provides access to the National Digital Learning Resources Network (managed by ESA – Education Services Australia for the Standing Council on Education and early Childhood)
  • Scootle proports to be an aid in finding, organising and using digital resources
  • Employs standardisation provided by the Schools Online Thesaurus
  • Presents findings too on Google maps and timelines
  • Highly supportive of the Australian Curriculum
  • Can create personalised learning paths (Pathfinders?) incorporating collaborative elements which can be shared through a resource bank

Hider notes

  • University libraries too may also manage the digital repository of the institutions output of research
  • Huge variance in design and functionality
  • Difficulties of expense of professional indexing for such large collections
  • Problem of use of generic database management applications which form part of the “hodden web” hence are uncovered by search engines
  • Solution to make metadata at least available for harvesting
  • Digital library research looking at visualisation and personalisation

Yes, I am in a constant quandry about streamlining access to digital resources such as these. Loving Pathfinders but there is so much and I need to make it slicker and appealing and more a “one-stop shop”….hmmmmm

Buy this book…

Witten, I. H., Bainbridge, D., & Nichols, D. M. (2010) How to Build a Digital Library

When I get time I must muse more on the idea that if computers had been invented first, the book may have been hailed as a great innovation…I’ve heard this before and find this very appealing….

  • Digital libraries are about new ways of dealing with knowledge rather than simple repackaging
  • Librarian add the final component of “wisdom” to the information heirachy which distinguish digital libraries from the www! Love this!
  • Provide for the  needs of both the organising of knowledge (librarian) and the user
  • No selection and organisation in the www



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