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Web 2.0 September 2, 2012

Filed under: ETL501 Information Environment — Jennifer Baccon @ 9:06 am
  • Tools (applications?) which support sharing information, collaboration on content and conversing worldwide through social-software transform the web from an information source to a learning environment
  • Richardson “Read/Write” Web
  • Like the concept of “prosumer” – creator of user-generated content
  • Wiki means “very fast” or “quick” in Hawaiian
  • comparing wikis according to need
  • great site for developing understandings of major Web 2.0 tools with further tool tabs and links to get specific!

What do you think are the key aspects of Web 2.0 that are likely to impact on education in today’s schools?
What are the opportunities here for teacher librarians?
Can teacher librarians afford to ignore Web 2.0 tools?

The key element to Web 2.0 would appear to be the ability to create. The learner becomes more than a consumer, he/she becomes a “prosumer” as new tools allow for the creation of user-generated content. I really like the democratic aspect of this. Web 2.0 too is all about dialogue and collaboration. The applications are many in a PYP which espouses collaboration as key to the learning environment. Web 2.0 transforms the web from an information source (Web 1.0) to a learning environment.

The opportunities for TLs are tremendous and certainly Web 2.0 tools cannot be ignored. In the TLs resourcing role tools such as social bookmarking site diigo can be used with teacher and student groups in developing extensive annotated listings for inquiries. Library blogs can be established too for multiple purposes and feeds placed on individual class pages. When thinking of how I can apply Web 2.0 tools, and there are many many sites that can lead you to the full gamut of these, I try to look for the collaborative element and consider how it benefits the learner in what is offered. What is something new that it offers?


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