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Web 2.0 Social bookmarking September 2, 2012

Filed under: ETL501 Information Environment — Jennifer Baccon @ 9:10 am
  1. How could social bookmarking be used in the school context (library and curriculum program/classroom)?
  2. What are possible limitations and issues when using these sites in the school context?

I am a user of both delicious for all my personal bookmarks mainly, and diigo as a member of a few groups. As a TL I get lots of great PD from my diigo membership. I’ve stopped really exploring the possibilities of delicious as I believe it will cease to exist in November. Our small team of librarians form a small private diigo group and share key “stuff” we come across. It acts as a bit of a filter to all information forever feeding in. We are also exploring the possibilities in using diigo for resourcing inquiries and sharing this collaborative refinement of information across the year level. The only obstacle is sometimes a reluctance for one more technology but when they realise what it does…

  • Video: One Woman’s Wonderings with the Web (YouTube) point about children not needing to retype URLs using delicious is sound

Web 2.0 for TLs improving information literacy, resource provision and collaboration


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