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Website evaluation 2… July 29, 2012

Filed under: ETL501 Information Environment — Jennifer Baccon @ 10:55 am

Activity: Read the Schrock article and reflect on its content. (Separate article summary)

  • Appears to be no hierarchy in the Schrock article criteria set. Again, I feel it is good to start with consideration of purpose.
  •  I like better too the simplicity of 3 simple categories of criteria. Perhaps 4/5 questions to consider under each would be enough. Phrasing as a question rather than a checklist seems more engaging. Focus on purpose and students in forming questions.
  • Knowledge criteria basic to constructivist theory of learning – prior knowledge – does it need to be spelled out?
  • I’m more confused now about use of text matching and keyword matching in various search engines. I think the key maybe is to just always use Advanced options. Schlock offers some clarity in discussing search engines and directories and how and why they are used. See separate summary
  • I like the questions: What information am I trying to find exactly? What is the purpose?
  • Separate summary represents important info. and strategies gained from Schrock’s article

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