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and 3… Website evaluation July 29, 2012

Filed under: ETL501 Information Environment — Jennifer Baccon @ 10:57 am

Activity: Look at the technical criteria included in Schrock’s surveys  and reflect on whether there might be other technical criteria which you might consider to be important when selecting websites for school staff or students.

  • A general comment – encyclopaedias and databases noted which is good because makes the searcher think about usefulness and purpose, and the suitability of different sources but shouldn’t the searcher already have a search strategy plan for their purpose? Shouldn’t they have knowledge of sources and when to use different types to uncover the sort of resources they need? Some questions too narrow too but elementary students are the audience…
  • Do you have to have big images, tables and image maps? Judgement here is unclear
  • Again, prefer separation of educational, reliability and technical criteria
  • Most students understand what is meant by “navigation” so a broader question could be asked then specifically about moving back and forward through pages
  • I think too more general layout questions could be asked about images and text
  • I prefer Herring’s (2011) questions:

v  “Does the webpage load in a reasonable time?

v  How easy is it to navigate around the site?

v  Is there too little or too much text on the page?

v  Are all the graphics, and/or photos, videos and tables on the site necessary?

v  Do all the links work?

v  Is there allowance for students with a visual handicap? (pp. 43-44)

N.B. 3 clicks would appear invalid


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