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Dictionaries…discuss… July 24, 2012

Filed under: ETL501 Information Environment — Jennifer Baccon @ 8:05 am

I cannot even recall the last time I used a printed dictionary…Maybe a Thai-English dictionary far away from access to the internet was the last…
Our school provides One Look Dictionary Search as a resource. We also provide access to Your Dictionary (“The dictionary you can understand”) which has simple definitions, examples of word use in sentences and quick access to more specialized definitions as required. Phrases and idioms are also at the site which is useful in working with ESL students or in word study tasks. Use of images and a thesaurus are other oft used positive elementary features.
In deciding on dictionaries as resource tools provided by the library the same evaluation of criteria would occur as for any other web-based information. Speed in locating needed info. however is probably paramount, coupled with authority and accuracy, in that dictionary usage is usually a quick reference/clarification task within a more complex and demanding learning situation.
I know often I need to consult a specialized dictionary for acronyms! As a class teacher I used rhyming dictionaries quite a bit as well as resources that listed spelling patterns for word study.
Some specialized dictionaries would be highly suitable as resources for senior studies in specialized areas of study – e.g.  Just found a psychology dictionary so I can keep up with my daughter’s conversations (she doesn’t need psychoanalysis…she’s working toward a career in the field…)
Some form of initial reading level leveling is a bonus…


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