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Resource provision July 18, 2012

Filed under: ETL501 Information Environment — Jennifer Baccon @ 7:23 am
  • Always remember differentiation and learning styles! Goes without saying but do we actually apply this as instinctively when dealing with ICT or do we make the judgement of “one size must and should fit all?” I see a lot of technology for technologies sake in school environments, rather than the focus being on how, or even sometimes what is being learnt
  • Like like the linking of resource provision (one role of the TL) to Bloom’s taxonomy. These are the thinking skills of the IB transdisciplinary skills with the addition of dialectical thought and metacognition
  • Children collectively considering/ selecting their own resources according to the thinking skills required of the task? What an interesting and truly challenging task for children who are used to guided inquiry and reflective practices… Brings in aspects of dialectical thought and metacognition as well as analysis. It’s all about applying knowledge and skills = creation of ability. Learning how to learn…
  • If we started with Bloom’s taxonomy and considered too the process of guided inquiry which, could I suggest, in essence moves learners generally through levels of thinking…
  • Greater resource range, it would seem.  is required in moving through to higher levels of thinking. Need to gather all the perspectives, view the topic through different conceptual lenses…
  • Hmmm…Asking the teachers at the beginning of the year to consider how we (the TLs) can support and collaborate with them in helping to deliver the curriculum but maybe we need a more constructivist approach to take them past knowing this to actually applying it!

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