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Assignment One Reflection December 22, 2011

Filed under: ETL503 Resourcing the Curriculum — Jennifer Baccon @ 11:26 pm

In reflecting on Assignment One, I now appreciate further our association with Follett and Titlewave as our Rolls Royce “jobber” (a new title I’ve learned!) I always felt a little guilty in using Titlewave primarily for our ordering but found the range they provided too irresistible (particularly now in that they now also deal with and ship directly from UK sources as well) and the pre-processing services just too easy and wonderful in lessening the load for library staff.  I thought I should have been ordering from a broader base than the 3 or 4 trusted companies I seem to deal with so now I can sleep more soundly at night! I understand and value what the company actually is and provides now. Regarding on-line resources, this assignment has shown me I have still so much to accomplish. I’ve continually tried to point teachers toward WebPath Express for suitable websites but have always seemed to have the usual “no time” excuse to actually look at and filter these further myself. I readily admit I really had no idea how to go about finding on-line resources other than at this source previously other than “googling it” or asking my ICT buddies.  I read of the “learning objects” offered through the Learning Federation through various library professional journals with not much understanding of what they actually were. With a whole one-year’s experience (ha!) under my belt though and one and a half semesters of Uni study, I do realise that I will actually always have “no time”.  I need to select a few different colours from my professional palette and broaden my colour scheme (or maybe a better analogy is that I need to now and again enter a “blue period” or a “red period”… ) I love this imagery to explain what might well appear quite haphazard at times as I flitter from one task to the next … (There’s so many tasks … How can anyone think TLs are becoming obsolete???)  So the plan is to work on Pathfinders now for UOIs … My ICT colleagues and I should ideally work on this together. We’ll start small … They are already doing some of this already by request but the consistency of presentation and accessibility needs attention.  I regularly trawl through the Scan reviews (I do still love the paper version for lying under trees in parks) and have different word documents going with hyperlinks to bits of this and that … I need a template or some organisational structure so that others can access and understand … Livebinders? Just 2 Clicks? ???

All the new selection aids I have learnt about need organizing for access too (for me!)  I use Delicious but I need more … I think Diigo could well provide me with a structure for organizing all this by various resource categories. I will investigate…

I need too to return to the Wall and Ryan (2010) text. There’s a section describing the full gamet of the term “resources”… Our library site is under constant reform now I’m studying … tools are part of this too and we need something addressing these … Going back to Mrs Mac (I like the simplicity of her site) and some other librarian’s sites that I like to  “stalk”  as my daughter would say …


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