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Resources for learning November 18, 2011

Filed under: ETL503 Resourcing the Curriculum — Jennifer Baccon @ 8:12 am

“A resource for learning is any object – physical, intellectual or virtual – that the teacher or learner uses in the learning process” (Wall & Ryan, 2010).

Informational websites

  • search engines used critically, though mediation by the information experts necessary
  • staged approach – core or “seminal” sites…reference sites…websites found using a search engine for in-depth inquiry

Online databases

  • concurrent access then available
  • can search all fields or refine

Information access tools

  • library catalogue, search engines, subject guides (pathfinders)  or directories
  • metasearch engine or federated search engine

Curriculum tools

  • tools to support manipulation/organisation of information
  • core curriculum toolset needed
  • includes word processing, spreadsheets and presentation programmes
  • graphic organiser tools
  • graphic and video manipulation software (mashups)

Collaboration resources

  • wikis, blogs, Google Docs, Skype, etc
  • instant messaging/chat/conferencing tools

Scaffolding tools

  • theoretical basis “zone of proximal development”
  • pathways, strategies or steps to move to the next level
  • virtual support for inquiry
  • includes scaffolds for learning processes, instructional terminology
  • learning management including time management, metacognitive processing


  • teacher assessment, learning resources (guidelines for content expectations, presentation or layout, etc

Social networking tools

  • sharing information, building a community of practice (networking), sharing resources
  • Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Flickr, Goggle Buzz

Staffing resources

  • Levels based on types of teaching and learning programmes, on-line learning, skills required within programmes
  • looking to curriculum and ICT integration, and the development of online learning

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