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Virtual library November 12, 2011

Filed under: ETL503 Resourcing the Curriculum — Jennifer Baccon @ 12:48 pm

I very much like Grantham’s (2007) listing of common elements of effective virtual libraries. Useful. I’ve looked at so many frankly confusing ones!  Our Wiki needs reorganising as our recent closure due to flooding and use of eLearning as an alternative to attending school has proven. There is mention of tools in Grantham’s listing which I’m still a bit unsure about. Need my ICT buddies for this to sort through the plethara. Liking the “Ask a librarian” e-mail link. I have a library blog on which I could include and promote this. Pathfinders need to addressed I think too  with my ICT buddies and we need to get the teachers sharing with us great sites they find that support UOIs. An “elastic collection” (Loertscher, 2002)…far out concept!


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