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Collaborative practice: Introducing collaboration September 1, 2011

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Oh beautiful and brave new world…the learning commons? Bits I liked…

Characteristics of collaborative cultures for complex times

  • Fosters diversity whilst trust-building
  • Provokes anxiety and contains it
  • Engages in knowledge creation (tacit to explicit, explicit to explicit)
  • Combines connectedness with openendedness
  • Fuses the spititual, political and intellectual
    Fullan (1999, p. 37)

“It is true dialogue in which people engage with each other, not to be in control but to provoke and be provoked, to learn and contribute to the learning of others, to change their own minds as well as the minds of others” (Stacey, 1996, p. 280 reported by Fullan, 1999, p. 37)

“Emotions, says Damasio, are actually indispensiable to rational decision-making. People who are emotionally flat might be able to perform abstract intellectual tasks, but they can’t make practical judgments of human value” (Fullan, 1999, p. 38).

Like too the idea of selective innovation – nearly ever school I’ve worked in it’s been too make change too often…

Wow!  “A profound evolutionary reason for being optomistic?” (p. 41)

Disciplines of the learning organisation (Senge 2007)

  • Systems thinking (5th dimension)
  • Personal mastery
  • Mental models
  • Building shared vision
  • Team learning

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