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Information literacy and transfer August 23, 2011

Filed under: ETL401 Teacher Librarianship — Jennifer Baccon @ 6:57 am

We make so many assumptions as teachers don’t we? Interesting stuff from Herring and another IL definition or two…

Herring supports Lloyd’s (2007, 2010) definition. Lloyd “argues that information literacy can be viewed as a practice, rather than a set of skills” (2011, p. 1). As I’ve reflected before, I think knowledge and attitudes are also part of “information literacy” and I’m having trouble distinguishing between “skills” and “practice”. Don’t these terms mean the same thing? Herring then continues, including “…with a focus on gaining new knowledge, and that students are reflective practitioners” So it seems skills, knowledge and attitudes again…Practices (skills?) are a component of information literacy. Hmmmm I think I get practices now…It IS more than skills in Lloyd’s term…
p. 5 of Herring (2011a) another definition and important point about lack of a shared understanding of the term IL in schools…”Only a very small minority of teachers viewed information literacy as a concept related to higher order thinking, including a student’s ability to reflect on their own information literacy practices and their own learning”. One more…Herring (2011b) “This author defines information literacy as a critical and reflective ability to exploit the current information environment, and to adapt to new information environments; and as a practice” (p. 12) I think critical and reflective are important to include in a defiition of information literacy, it’s just the language here that’s a bit awkward for me…I want to rewrite it as…”To be information literate is to have a critical and reflective…etc’

Wow! Just by talking to my students about it I can help them with transference…I knew that but we all get busy and forget the very simplest of things that can have the very biggest of ramifications. I started investigating transference just a little with my colleagues and it was terrific to see “Transfer” given as an actual outcome for our MYP ATL (Approaches To Learning) document. I must admit I don’t know much about the MYP but perhaps Herring might be interested in studying this!!! Another interesting point re. the system I work in(IB PYP)  is the Transdisciplinary Skills. We DO in fact have the same set of skills that we are all working towards in the the Elementary and we talk about and make these highly explicit in our teaching. Seems we actually do have a culture of transfer…but do others forgot at times as I do?…must talk to the children…

I love concept maps and everytime I use them the children seems to find some original way of applying them or retrieving from them…Concept maps can be used as an aid to exploring understanding, to assist in question formulation, as a precursor to information retrieval (key words), to identify prior knowledge, to evaluate the relevance of collected information, as a tool to look back to, as a notetaking organiser,and  as a scaffold for assignment writing.


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