A teacher librarian's learning journey

Herring, Tarter and the PLUS model August 19, 2011

Filed under: ETL401 Teacher Librarianship — Jennifer Baccon @ 3:46 am

Points to take away…

  • Importance of seeking students views through questionnaires, interviews, observation…in informing teaching in IL…going to try out some post unit surveys with Year 6 I think before starting on a plan for supporting them as they more towards The Exhibition.
  • Studies show students really benefit from scaffolds. What’s meant by a scaffold? Do they mean the info. process model?
  • Get children to reflect on the skills within the process and include the affective…shall therfore be more effective as a TL at the needed point of intervention!
  • Remember the importance of concept mapping and brainstorming
  • Ask them about use of websites as versus books in seeking information insteadf telling them what is best. Talk it through…Can overcome misconceptions…

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