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Consolidating evidence July 15, 2011

Filed under: ETL401 Teacher Librarianship — Jennifer Baccon @ 3:23 am

Oberg’s article has provided me some manageable and possible methods to collect evidence on teaching and learning in the library. By collecting such evidence I hope to improve student learning, raise the profile of the library in the school community and assess future needs. Big aims but I’ll start small. Action research with a colleague would really just work to fulfilling our goals for the inquiry anyway I think…

“Information to knowledge journey” (Todd and Hay 2010) Yes! That’s what the big goal is in a few words. The findings of this report and the recommendations section in particular of this article should be useful for me and others of the community in envisaging a future for our library. We are not the “backbone” of the school just yet…So much too to refer to for support in the Commonwealth inquiry document…

Concerns however, are raised again for me…I agree with the impications of terms such as “pedagogical fusion” and “knowledge commons” but believe we’re really not quite their when it comes to applying technologies available. It’s not so much not having adequate computers in the library but rather the rather separated work of the ICT specialist teachers. We seem to all have a focus on “learning action rather than information provision” but we don’t share how we go about realising this vision…My other concern is the expectation that I provide RFF for our EY teachers…hmmmmmm…

A signifant quote to keep in mind…”Evidence-based practice is not just about focusing on documenting learning outcomes – an operational outcome. It is about documenting engagement with evidence at the strategic level to inform practice. Strategically and operationally working with evidence is at the heart of effective practice” (Todd and Hays p.37 2010).


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