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Stacking up! July 12, 2011

Filed under: ETL401 Teacher Librarianship — Jennifer Baccon @ 6:04 am

Well this coming academic year (in just a few week time) we have a new Elementary principal so I have the opportunity to work on building a partnership straight up! I see a need to definitely start by examining my role description and get his take on what the role of the TL should be in the light of the school’s mission. A little research together may well be in order as there exists a need to base such a description on standards from somewhere! A bit of tweaking…I’ve now got plenty of examples. The actual role description itself outlines the development of policies and procedures as a task solely for the school librarians so I’m going to need some research back up and get him involved…

Collaboration is most certainly a very key part of what I already do at a classroom level. I work on planning for and teaching collaboratively information skills right across the elementary school and I am certainly valued as a teaching partner in this regard. The school administration truly accepts and honours the PYP collaborative team planning principle and provides release time for all for team planning. Lucky us! I’ve also been successful this year in convincing administration of the need for additional clerical staff so the year starts with an extra pair of skilled hands on board. Again, lucky us! My professional development is also valued…they have contributed toward the costs of my study and are sending me off with my 0.5 buddy to Sydney this year for the ASLA conference…yahoo!

Not “stacking up” too badly really….


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